Safety Metrics

Helping Business Measure Up

Reducing Accidents - Eliminating Injuries

If you desire to dramatically REDUCE your injury performance, there needs to be an INCREASE IN SAFETY PERFORMANCE. Let us show you how to use your current resources to accomplish this continuous improvement strategy. We use measurement and feedback as our primary tool to engage employees and increase their ownership for safety.

Our unique Employee Driven Process is simple, fun and most of all EFFECTIVE. All employees are engaged in substituting bad unsafe habits with new safe work habits. This process includes 100% of the site employees. 

Ask us about our new innovative and exciting Hazard Evaluation & Adjustment in Real Time System, known as the H.E.A.R.T. SYSTEM. Employees are made consciously aware of what they are doing all during their shift everyday. Management and supervision now have a great tool to make positive interventions BEFORE accidents happen.