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We have a Fabulous team of seasoned veterans who have many years of
hands-on experience covering all industries and situations.

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Robert Ryan

Robert F. Ryan - Owner

Del Kubeldis - Senior Consultant

Del provides a wide-range of comprehensive health and safety services, focusing on safety culture assessment, risk/loss control program development, regulatory guidance, and special-projects assistance.


Kay Gallogly - Senior Consultant

Kay specializes in Event Investigations (Root Cause), Training, Facilitation, Human Performance, Organizational Effectiveness and Safety Cultural Initiatives


Tom Ryan - Senior Consultant

Tom has many years of consulting experience with SMI and has a passion for assisting clients with ensuring that the training they receive is meaningful, practical and enjoyable.

Robert Johnston - Senior Trainer, Program Developer

Robert is a certified trainer, professional business coach and performance consultant. He has created many outstanding training programs and curriculum. He has a proven track record of leading organizations to achieve breakthrough results.

Carla Silveria - Project Director

Carla has been instrumental in overseeing numerous projects to their completion within budget and on time. Her persistence and creativity has provided clients with the right solutions for some very sophisticated problems which created profitable outcomes.